Redux Hearing Aid Drying System

No matter how you look at it, hearing aids are more than just devices – they are investments built for the long run. Aside from the routine servicing, maintenance and device repairs, Pinnacle Hearing wants to offer you something new in the line of hearing aid maintenance. Experience a whole new experience of hearing instrument care with Redux. 

Moisture - the #1 Enemy of Hearing Aids

Moisture is the most common reason behind hearing aid damage. While hearing aids, hearing instruments and hearables have seen improvements in terms of water resistance in the past years, they are still not waterproof. Some may be marketed as water-resistant, but at the end of the day, they are not waterproof. This means that these devices can still be negatively impacted by the constant presence of water or moisture which may come from the skin, humidity or environmental factors.

If left untreated, hearing devices can deteriorate or break down in just a short matter of time. This could lead to untimely repairs or costly returns. And that’s not something you would want, right?

Redux can efficiently remove moisture from hearing devices in a fast, convenient, and timely manner. Experience a whole new concept of moisture removal with Redux – available in Pinnacle Hearing clinics in Camden and Little Rock, Arkansas.

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Redux Hearing Aid

What is Redux?

One of the mortal enemies of hearing aids is moisture and humidity. There are numerous hearing aid dehumidifiers available on the market but nothing comes close to Redux.

Redux offers a technology that combines vacuum-chamber drying with humidity-level measurement to allow the vaporization of liquid at the lowest and safest allowable temperature for hearing devices.

During the drying process, you can receive real-time measures of the moisture being removed and a report of the total amount upon completion.

Why choose Redux?

Faster – The technology of Redux is proven to dry hearing instruments in approximately eight minutes with just a single push of a button.

Smarter – Redux smartly combines vacuum drying with humidity level measurement to efficiently vaporize liquid at the lowest temperature safe for the device.

Dryer – Redux has endpoint drying technology to maximize moisture removal from treated devices.

Verified – Enjoy real-time updates of moisture removed during the drying process. Plus, receive a report of the total amount of moisture removed upon completion.

How much does Redux cost?

To inquire about our rates for Redux hearing instrument services, please call us at 501.225.6060. We will also be glad to answer any queries or concerns about Redux.

How do I know that Redux is really working?

It’s best to let Redux’s current users answer this question. The following rates of success are from responses taken in Jan-March 2020:

Moisture Removed – 98%

Dead Aid Improved – 50%

Weak Aid Improved – 83%

Good Aid Improved – 80%

Total Improved – 77%

Is Redux safe to use for all styles of hearing aids?

Yes. Redux is proven to be a safe system for drying electronic devices. For more than five years, Redux has been drying rechargeable lithium-ion battery phones in thousands of locations.

Redux’s hearing care partners have successfully dried thousands of hearing aids, implants, and hearables (e.g. AirPods that were accidentally put in the washing machine).

Entrust your hearing instruments only to the experts. Pinnacle Hearing offers Redux hearing instrument drying technology to ensure that your devices are clean, dry and fully-functional.

Pinnacle Hearing provides Redux hearing aid cleaning.

Experience professional hearing aid cleaning and drying at Pinnacle Hearing. We only use the best and most advanced technology available to keep your hearing instruments at its best, anytime, anywhere.

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