Phonak Hearing Aids

 Phonak is a global leader in the development of hearing solutions. With the company’s continuous efforts to find new solutions, Phonak is known to offer one of the highest innovation rates of the industry.

Phonak Audéo™ Life

Meet the world’s first waterproof* rechargeable hearing aid – the Phonak Audéo™ Life. 

Aside from its cutting-edge features, the Audeo Life delivers unrivaled sound that is crisp and natural even while being submerged in 1.64 feet of pool water, salt water, or freshwater. This is the perfect device for individuals who work or thrive in physically demanding environments. 

The Phonak Audeo Life literally brings more to life as it is designed to withstand strenuous physical activities.

Phonak Naída™ Paradise

Phonak takes the power of behind-the-ear hearing aids to a whole new level with the Phonak Naida Paradise. Experience powerful sound and seamless connectivity to smartphones, TVs, and other smart devices.

Naida Paradise is supported by RogerDirect and Universal Direct Connectivity. People with severe to profound hearing loss can enjoy the most accurate settings and programs thanks to the dedicated pre-calculation technology of Naida Paradise.

Phonak Naída™ B

This is the 5th generation of the world’s most trusted hearing aid designed for profound hearing loss. The first generation of Phonak Naida hearing aid was released in 2007. Fast forward to now and the device has continuously evolved to become a revolutionary world-class device that has been helping people with profound hearing loss live a better quality of life.

This power hearing aid makes it possible to get closer to the original speech signal and make speech more pronounced than ever. This leads to improved vowel recognition for users and an overall enhanced communication experience for all.

Phonak Audéo Paradise

The Audeo Paradise gives users access to subtle textures and layers of sounds in various listening environments. Enjoy personalized digital solutions that allow users to enjoy an empowered and truly personalized customer experience. Audeo Paradise is the leading device when it comes to universal connectivity, allowing up to 8 Bluetooth-enabled devices to be paired with 2 simultaneous connections.

Phonak Audéo Paradise P-R

The Phonak Audeo Paradise P-R comes with Motion Sensor Hearing, allowing amplification of sounds through light changes or finger taps. With cutting edge technology like Tap Control and Bluetooth direct connectivity, you can adjust the device settings by simply tapping the earpiece. This model comes in a receiver-in-canal design and is powered by built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Phonak Naída Link M

Naida Link M is known to be the super-power BTE model of Phonak because it can be paired to Advanced Bionics Naida CI M90 sound processor. Explore endless possibilities with this multifunctional hearing aid that can easily step up its game as hearing loss progresses.

Enjoy state-of-the-art hearing aid in binaural or monaural configuration. Live more and do more by simply connecting the Naida Link M to smartphones, Roger and Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Phonak Audéo™ Marvel

The Audeo Marvel has all the features and qualities that clients expect from a first-class hearing aid – a clean and clear sound experience. Powered with modern technology and the latest features, the Audeo Marvel is a multifunctional device that speaks love at first sound. It is powered by Phonak’s proprietary AutoSense OS™ 3.0 and Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ for less listening effort and better speech understanding even in noise.

Phonak Bolero Marvel

If there’s love at first sight, there’s also love at first sound, something that Phonak Bolero Marvel is known for.

Specifically-designed for mild to severe hearing loss, Bolero Marvel combines robustness and maximum reliability for a smooth and highly-functional listening experience. Easily connect to smartphones, TV, and Bluetooth-enabled devices and enjoy excellent audio every time.

No need to shy away from big social gatherings or noisy scenarios because Bolero Marvel can smoothly transition from various listening programs and delivers what needs to be heard with Roger microphones.

Phonak Sky Marvel

Kids will surely love the Phonak Sky Marvel and treat it as their new best friend. Combining the world’s first technological innovations and child-specific designs to support children of all ages, Sky Marvel offers clear and reach audio that allows kids to access more words and conversations.

Sky Marvel is supported by AutoSense Sky OS, the world’s first operating system specifically built for kids by providing an optimal listening situation in noisy environments. Available in a rechargeable model for kids on the go.

Phonak Sky Link M

Sky Link M is Phonak’s take on pediatric hearing solutions. Let your kids maximize their potential with excellent hearing performance, child-friendly features and connectivity to Roger and Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Sky Link M can be paired with an Advanced Bionics (AB) pediatric sound processor if you need a truly bimodal solution. We recommend a Sky Link M fitting prior to cochlear implantation to assist kids have a seamless transition to their cochlear device. This ensures the continuity of sound as kids continue to explore and adjust to their new bimodal environment.

Phonak Virto M

Be boldly confident with the Phonak Virto M-312, the world’s first and only custom hearing aids that offers hands-free call using Roger technology to stream directly without needing an external receiver.

Connect the Virto M directly to iOS or Android smartphones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Phonak Virto M can be precisely calibrated to your unique ear anatomy using the Biometric Calibration function.

Phonak Virto™ M-Titanium

Made from medical grade titanium, this device is durable, discreet and incredibly lightweight. Experience amazing sound quality from the first fit. Phonak incorporates high-tech material that reflects the brand’s passion for innovation and craftsmanship in its aesthetics, performance, and functionality.

Phonak Virto™ B

Another world- first from Phonak, the Virto B comes with Biometric Calibration that allows precise calibration to fit the client’s individual ear anatomy resulting in better hearing performance. The Phonak Virto B is powered by AutoSense OS™ that automatically senses the listening environment that the user is in and accurately blends the sounds to create over 200 distinct settings. This provides a seamless listening experience while the user moves from one listening environment to another.

Phonak Virto™ B-Titanium

The smallest Phonak custom hearing aid just got more discreet. Made from medical grade titanium, the Virto-B Titanium is lightweight and durable. This device has proven its worth in the hearing aid industry, receiving the CES 2019 Innovation Award Honoree accolade in the 3D Printing category. 

Phonak Naída Marvel

Naida Marvel is not tagged as the most trusted power hearing aid for nothing. With Naida Marvel, wearers can enjoy powerful, rich audio during hands-free calls and Bluetooth streaming. 

Course through the day with confidence knowing that your hearing instrument offers maximum reliability by delivering the power needed to manage hearing loss.

Phonak CROS B

Hear sounds clearly, no matter where they come from. People with single-sided deafness no longer need to position their good ear to hear where sound is coming from. Phonak CROS B offers a smart and efficient solution for single-sided deafness. A rechargeable model is also available for hearing on-the-go.

Phonak CROS P

The CROS P is designed for unilateral hearing loss, helping patients hear better in noise even when speech is presented in the non-hearing ear. This makes it easier for users to follow conversations regardless where the sound is coming from. Easy to use and rechargeable, the CROS P is a multifunctional hearing solution for individuals with unilateral hearing loss.

Phonak Hearing Aids

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