Hearing Health Program

Pinnacle Hearing offers a no-cost hearing health program that provides you a convenient and effective way to enhance existing benefits. You can use our hearing health program to augment the advantages you are enjoying from your health package to current and potential employees and/or extend it to their family members. Together, we can help educate your members or employees on the importance of good hearing healthcare. By partnering with Pinnacle Hearing,

You are offering something that only a few organizations do – a sponsored hearing care program. At Pinnacle Hearing, our objective is simple: to help you offer a better quality of life to your employees by health management.

Hearing Health Program Benefits

The benefits below are applicable to your employees and/or immediate families:

  • Free annual hearing screening
  • Full line of high quality hearing aids available from top manufacturers
  • 45-day hearing aid trial period
  • Free quarterly hearing aid service
  • Discounted custom hearing protection
  • Discount for musician monitors

Advocacy for Hearing Health Priority in the Workplace

Pinnacle Hearing believes that hearing health should be a priority in the workplace. 

Exposure to dangerous noise levels can cause permanent hearing loss and may lead to other health problems including headaches, tinnitus, elevated blood pressure, irritability, fatigue, digestive disorders, etc. In short, being exposed to extremely loud noises on a regular basis can affect the job performance of employees in the long run.

Untreated hearing loss increases the risk of falling, accidents and hospitalization. Highlighting hearing health in the workplace can have numerous advantages to overall health and wellness

Sign-up to our Hearing Health Program

Implementing your new hearing benefit program is easy. Enroll now and we will assist you from planning to implementation of the program to your organization.

Pinnacle Hearing will provide you with a customized information sheet on the program that can be distributed internally via email or printed out for employees. We have additional templates for bill stuffers and newsletter articles to help with program introduction and ongoing education. 

We hope to be your partner in this endeavor and continue to fulfill our mission of providing access to high-quality hearing healthcare to as many people in Arkansas as possible.  

To sign your organization up for our Hearing Health Program, contact 501-225-6060 or email contact@pinnacle-hearing.com