Hearing Aid Fittings

A successful hearing aid fitting means more than merely selecting the best device based on your hearing requirements. Hearing aids need to be properly fitted by an expert to ensure that the appropriate amount of amplification is provided to maximize the features of a hearing aid. 

Hearing aids play a big part in managing hearing loss. It can improve communication with family, friends and co-workers, paving the way for a better quality of life.

Hearing aid technology is constantly innovating, with more Bluetooth features, directional microphones and rechargeability that can suit various hearing requirements and lifestyles. Pinnacle Hearing works closely with the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers and maintains the most advanced equipment in our clinics. 

There are several factors that you should take into consideration when purchasing a hearing instrument. We will discuss all of these with you to help you decide on which hearing aid is best for you. Even if hearing loss is irreversible, hearing aids are considered as the silver lining that gives hope to people with hearing problems.

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Hearing Aid Fittings

What happens during a hearing aid fitting?

Hearing aid fitting begins with device selection. This is carried out through an in-depth provider-patient consultation so we can know more about your expectations, lifestyle, personal preferences, and previous experiences with hearing aids (if applicable).

The information gathered during the in-depth consultation will be integrated with your hearing test results and will help us map out the best hearing solution for you. During hearing aid selection, we will be presenting our recommended options and price point. Once you have your eyes set on a certain hearing instrument, the next step would be initial hearing aid programming. 

After programming the hearing aids, we will review the care and maintenance of your selected hearing device which include inserting/removing the hearing aids and changing the batteries.

Adjusting to hearing aids

Once the hearing aids are already inside your ears, you will start hearing sounds that you haven’t heard for a while. There may be instances when everything might seem to be too loud – this is normal especially for first-time hearing aid users. 

The brain may need some time to relearn which sounds to ignore and which sounds to focus on. The Pinnacle Hearing team will be with your every step of the way –  from hearing aid fitting, hearing aid programming, to device adjustments.

Hearing aid fittings are unique for every person and our team at Pinnacle Hearing will take time to understand your specific needs to provide a tailor-fit approach that will render best results.

Do you offer telehealth/virtual appointments?

If you are looking for convenience or a safer alternative to a face to face appointment, we are excited to announce that at Pinnacle Hearing we now offer telehealth appointments.  Our patients can combine face to face appointments and virtual care to meet their needs.

Real Ear Measurement

Real ear measurement is the gold standard in determining the precision and accuracy of a hearing aid based on the received amplification of a person wearing hearing aids. We at Pinnacle Hearing practice real ear measurement to help our clients achieve the best hearing improvement possible.

Every ear is unique and each hearing loss requires a specific solution. By using real ear measurement as part of the hearing aid fitting process, we can ensure that our clients enjoy the maximum benefits of their selected hearing devices. 

Proper verification of hearing aid settings is an integral step in hearing aid fitting. With real ear measurement, we are confident that we can give you the correct amount of amplification, based on your hearing requirements. Hearing aids are made to amplify sounds, and it is the responsibility of our providers to make sure that the amplified sounds are at a comfortable level.

Are hearing aid fittings covered by insurance?

Medicare covers hearing testing with a physician’s referral. However, Medicare does not cover the cost of hearing aids. Select insurance carriers have benefits to help cover the cost of hearing aids. 

We are happy to file all insurance claims and are in network with most insurance plans.  Understanding what your current health insurance plan covers can be confusing; at Pinnacle Hearing our financial specialist has extensive training with insurance and can verify your benefits as well as time the time to explain them to you. 

We are proud to offer insurance counseling at Pinnacle Hearing and will work with you to help you understand what your benefits are.

Hearing Aid Fitting at Pinnacle Hearing

Choosing Pinnacle Hearing to be your partner in hearing health means that you get access to the best audiologists and hearing instrument specialists in Arkansas. We give you world-class technology and highly-individualized hearing solutions.