Ear Wax Removal

Earwax is a natural secretion of the body that protects and lubricates the ears. Earwax, also known as cerumen, has antibacterial properties to keep the ears healthy. Typically, earwax is passed through the ear canal by mechanisms in the jaw like chewing or yawning. Earwax is healthy but, if it becomes excessive, it may lead to hearing problems. For problems associated with excessive or impacted earwax, professional earwax removal is recommended.

Professional Earwax Removal

We highly discourage cleaning or removing earwax on your own. Earwax removal should be performed by a professional. There are a multitude of earwax removal products on the market, and while they may pose a temporary solution for mild earwax issues, seeing an audiologist for professional earwax removal is encouraged.

Over-the-Counter Earwax Removal Products

The ears are delicate and can be irritated easily, that’s why it is very important that you take extra precautions on what you put in your ears. If you suspect that you have hearing issues related to earwax, don’t worsen the condition by using the wrong product or performing the wrong procedure. For problems related to earwax, going to a hearing clinic for proper assessment and earwax removal is the best and safest choice. 

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Related Questions

Is Earwax good or bad?

There’s a common impression that earwax is dirty and needs to be cleaned out regularly. The truth is, earwax is a natural body secretion that protects the ears against bacteria. 

When it comes to earwax, it’s all a matter of balance. Too less or too much can cause problems in the ears. One of the more extreme consequences of excessive earwax is temporary hearing loss. 

As ear wax builds up, it can become impacted in the ears and block the pathways of the ears, hindering the natural cleaning process from taking place. If you experience changes in your hearing and suspect that earwax might be the reason behind it, you may need to have professional earwax removal.

People with smaller-than-average ear canals are more prone to earwax buildup. Impacted earwax needs to be treated right away before it can lead to infection or hearing loss.

Are OTC ear drops effective?

For impacted cerumen, over-the-counter ear drops are highly unlikely to solve the problem. This is because impacted earwax acts as a firm wax plug blocking off the ear canal.

OTC earwax removal drops may simply loosen some parts of the plug, but not completely eradicate  the blockage. Severely impacted ear wax will only invalidate the ear drops because it’s impossible to reach the desired area.

The best and safest solution for impacted earwax is to go to a hearing clinic to get professional earwax removal. Pinnacle Hearing offers earwax removal services on top of other hearing healthcare services.

Earwax and Hearing Aids

People wearing hearing aids are more likely to experience earwax issues. If you wear hearing aids, you need to be extra vigilant when it comes to keeping your ears clean and earwax-free.

Hydrogen Peroxide for Earwax Removal

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most common components of earwax removal drops. While hydrogen peroxide may soften the earplug, it will not completely get rid of the whole blockage.

If you’ve already tried OTC earwax removal treatments and find no relief, see an audiologist immediately for proper assessment and medical treatment.

Ear Wax Removal Remedies to Avoid

As we’ve mentioned earlier, we highly discourage introducing foreign objects in the ear canal including cotton buds, Q-tips, bobby pins, etc. While it may seem satisfying to pull out some decent amount of wax on your own, this method is more trouble than it’s worth. DIY earwax removal may increase your risk of getting ruptured eardrums.

Earwax removal candles or ear candles are also a waste of time and money. Not only are these candles not FDA-approved, they could also pose risks for burns and accidents.

When to see a doctor about a clogged ear

Earwax is not really something serious; in fact, it can be more annoying than dangerous. However, you need to seek medical attention immediately if you experience pain and/or difficulty in hearing.

For minor ear blockages caused by earwax, an on-the-spot treatment may help. For more serious conditions, an audiologist can perform earwax removal using special tools that can vacuum out the blockage safely and efficiently.

Clogged ears can lead to complications including infections, or worse, hearing loss. Don’t let earwax problems go untreated to the extent that you may need surgery. Early detection and treatment of earwax problems is key.

Ear Wax Removal in Little Rock & Camden, Arkansas

Earwax is a natural part of the ear’s self-cleaning system. However, in excess, it can lead to infections and hearing difficulties. For earwax problems and related concerns, it’s best to have your ears checked by an audiologist. Pinnacle Hearing offers earwax removal as part of its comprehensive hearing healthcare services. Audiologists at Pinnacle Hearing are trained to perform safe and effective earwax removal.

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