Musician Earplugs & Monitors

Musicians are four times more likely to experience hearing loss. This is not really surprising considering that musicians are constantly exposed to loud sounds (concerts, recordings, live performances, etc.)

Musicians, DJs, and sound engineers have unique needs when it comes to hearing protection. If you work in the music industry, you need to be able to hear your own music clearly while also hearing other musicians’ or bandmates’ music and voices while performing. This is why musician earplugs and monitors greatly vary from store-bought earplugs. 

Standard earplugs may be good at providing hearing protection but they don’t provide the attenuation that musicians need. Typically, musicians need a more even frequency from their earplugs. Off-the-shelf or foam earplugs usually attenuate the highs more than the lows, which is not favorable for musicians.

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Custom and Non-Custom Musician Earplugs

Musician earplugs are available in custom and non-custom options. Store-bought musician earplugs can reduce sound levels by approximately 20 dB. Basically, this is enough to reduce harmful sound without necessarily distorting music or speech.

Custom-made earplugs are made to fit deeply in the ears to create a seal within the bony portion of the ear canal. The deep fit also reduces occlusion, a condition known to provide a hollow or boomy sound from the musician’s own voice. The occlusion effect is usually experienced with low quality earplugs.

Deep-fit ear molds are a favorite among musicians because of the quality of sound produced that makes it conducive for practicing and performing.

Custom Fit

IEMs and earplugs can be custom made using an ear impression. At Pinnacle Hearing, we offer custom-made ear plugs and IEMs to fit your unique ear anatomy for maximum protection and functionality.

Getting the correct ear impression is a vital step in getting an excellent custom fit. The technique and quality of the ear impressions material greatly impacts the sound quality, comfort, and sound isolation of the earplugs. Our audiologists at Pinnacle Hearing are trained in making impressions for high-quality musician earplugs.

In-Ear Musician Monitors

Musicians who perform for large audiences can greatly benefit from in-ear musician monitors, also known as IEMs. IEMs are the current standard in musician technology, allowing musicians to hear the music they are making clearly, just as how the audience would hear it.

Aside from that, in-ear musician monitors also protect the musician’s ears from extremely loud audiences and amplifications. In-ear musician monitors work best if they are custom-molded to fit the musician’s ears personally.

 However, there are also universal fit musician monitors that work great – finding the right fit may be a hit or miss so it’s still best to go with a custom-mold IEM. Universal IEMS come with interchangeable silicone tips or foam to allow for a semi-custom fit.

Musician Earplugs and Monitors: Specialized Protection

Musicians don’t just need hearing protection; they need protection across all frequencies with more emphasis on low to mid frequencies. Musician earplugs can attenuate evenly across all frequencies but may vary by type of instruments played and location to other musicians or bandmates.

Pinnacle Hearing provides musician earplugs and custom ear monitors from a wide variety of manufacturers. You don’t have to settle for mail-order musician earplugs and monitors (and regret your decision after realizing that it’s ill-fitting). We can provide high-quality custom molds for whatever specific purpose it may serve you. 

Pinnacle Hearing provides custom musician earplugs and monitors.

Whether you’re a musician, a DJ, or a sound engineer, we’ve got musician earplugs and monitors to suit your career or lifestyle. Our audiologists know the importance of a good fit and we offer a wide range of options for high-quality occupation hearing protection

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