Educational Seminars

Knowing about the basics of hearing health is an integral part of health and wellness. Pinnacle Hearing offers education seminars and workshops about hearing health for free to the local community.

We believe in empowering Arkansans with educational seminars related to hearing health. If you have a civic organization, a church group, or retirement group needing a speaker who is an expert in hearing health, call us at 501-225-6060.

Our audiologists can cover the following topics:

  • Signs of hearing loss
  • Hearing aid technology updates
  • Treatment options for hearing loss
  • Hearing loss and the early onset of dementia
  • Hearing Loss – bridging the gap between denial and rehabilitation
  • Guide to hearing aid use
  • Communication strategies for those with hearing loss
  • Assistive listening devices

If you have any specific hearing health-related topic in mind not included in the list, feel free to inform us and we’ll do our best to accommodate or integrate that topic in our free educational seminars and workshops. We look forward to being of service to the Arkansas community!

Interested In Scheduling A Educational Seminar?